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Legacy Native Plugin

This plugin provides a driver compatible with the original native driver built into Manatee up to and including v1.29.

It mainly serves to provide backwards compatibility for existing native applications when Manatee is upgraded from v1.29 to v2.0. At the 2.0 level, native applications will start using this plugin automatically since the Manatee built-in driver was changed for the 2.0 release.

Example use cases

  • When you run Manatee 2.0 and your flows and fields were made for the older native driver
  • In the unexpected event that some specific piece of automation works better under the old driver

Manatee 2.0

Upon the rollout of Manatee 2.0, the default built-in native driver changes to the new FlaUI driver. In order to avoid breaking existing native app automations when this happens, the responsibility of handling such apps is handed over to the LegacyNative plugin. Make sure to take steps to ensure that the LegacyNative plugin is running on Manatees that need it for running the existing native app automation.

In Cuesta 1.14 and Cuesta 1.15, this same driver is simply called Native as it is the default driver for native Windows applications up to and including Manatee v1.29.

In Cuesta 1.16, it is shown as Legacy Native to indicate that as of Manatee v2.0, it is no longer the recommended option for new Windows applications to be automated.

Initial (public) release.
Switched nuget source to Gitlab. Bumped PluginApi to v1.16.5 (published from Manatee v1.29)