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The Settings object contains values that can be read/written to affect the behaviour of a flow. The following properties are available:

  • CommandRetries (int - read+write) defines the number of times a command is retried before it is considered to fail. Default is 3.
  • CommandRetryDelays (Array<int> - read+write) defines the delays in milliseconds between each retry. Default is [100, 200, 400, 800, 1600]. When the number of retries exceed the given delays the last value in this array is used for all overflowing retries.

Writing a value

Settings.CommandRetryDelays = [100, 100, 100];

Reading a value

var retries = Settings.CommandRetries;
Debug.showDialog("Retries: " + retries);


The Settings.Manatee object gives read/write access to the settings that govern Manatee itself. The full list of available settings can be seen in the Manatee settings dialog. Settings can be updated one at the time or multiple values in one go.

Note that for most changes to take effect, Manatee must be restarted.

Writing values

// Set just one setting
Settings.Manatee.set('ProductionGroup', 'MyOwnGroup');

// Set multiple settings
  productionGroup: 'MyOwnGroup',
  mode: 'FullAuto'

Reading a value

var prodGroup = Settings.Manatee.productionGroup;
Debug.showDialog("Production group: " + prodGroup);