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The shared context in a CCOW session is in essence a key-value store where the keys are termed subjects and usually have a specific format indicating the origin, type etc. of the information stored for the key. The concept of a subject is re-used in Cuesta as a key for identifying both flows to execute and extracting structured information from the UI of an application.

Subjects are defined in terms of a name, a key (the actual subject) and a regular expression. The regular expression is used to determine whether the subject is present in a string extracted from e.g. the UI of an application.

Creating subjects

Subjects are created by entering the name and key (use something suitably unique here, preferably a proper CCOW subject) and a regular expression.

Subject configuration

The regular expression should contain at least one group. The group is used to extract the actual value for the subject. A named group (with name value) can designate a single group of multiple groups are required in the regular expression. Multiple named groups can also be used in which case the extracted information is made avaible to a flow as a stringified json object with group names as key and group values as values.