# Introduction

This site contains documentation for Manatee – primarily how to configure Manatee to perform actions.

We use the term flow to indicate the instructions Manatee should execute.

The links in the sidebar contain the API avaialable when writing flows, specifically;

  • Built-in modules list the available modules for interacting with the operating system, reading files etc as well as more application specific functionality, e.g. parsing of excel files and functionality for involving the user in a flow execution by letting her/him input data or by display info to the user.

  • Plugins list the available (depending on licensing) plugins that you can load and use in your flows. These consist of extra modules and functionality implemented in plugins (new application types etc).

  • Using fields target the integration with the target application and explains how to define fields which represent the elements of the userf-interface (buttons, textboxes etc) and how to get the robot to perform actions on the fields.

  • Services is a listing of the external services which can be defined and used in flows. This includes mail-servers, message queues etc

  • Triggers defines the available triggers for flows, i.e. how and when flows are executed. Flow executions are for the most part initiated by the user, but by defining a trigger for a flow you can have Manatee run it when e.g. a file is changed, at a certain point in time etc

  • External APIs contains information about how to integrate with our CCOW context manager to make your application a full-fledged context sharing participant and how to use the API to launch flows and more.